Thoughts and painting of the week

An on going conversation between Dov Talpaz picking the paintings and Tyler Loftis writing about them.


Poussin threads stories

thru stone,
paint and



rain drops on soft skin

;a tapestry of balance.

Nicolas Poussin
Stormy Landscape with Pyramus and Thisbe, 1651
Städel Museum

Rhythm that

Vibrates between things

-until they merge.

Like they do on a moving train.

Honore Daumier
Don Quixote on Horseback, 1855-60
Museum of Fine Arts of Dijon

A cooking list.

-Buttery earth


-honest Irony,

A recipe for

things that look the way they feel

to touch.

Édouard Manet
The Spanish Singer, 1860
Oil on Canvas, 58 x 45 in
The Metropolitan Museum of Art



as real as

A sailors pipe

and shoulders of moments

poured from life.

Amedeo Modigliani
Man with a Pipe (The Notary of Nice), 1918
Private Collection

sun that blooms into the color

things are dreamt Of.

Love songs in paint.
Love songs for paint.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Self Portrait, 1899
Oil on Canvas 16 5/16 x 13 ¼ in
The Clark

a minor God

Just out of sight

his creations play with

parallel Grace and handless space,

He watches the unfolding

with quite thoughts

Kept close.

Camille Corot
The Burning of Sodom, 1843 and 1857
Metropolitan Museum of Art


Thru eyes half closed with the weight of what they’ve seen. Lawrence tells stories unheard in the museum milieu. His vision is as stoic as the scenes he paints.

Jacob Lawrence
War Series: Victory, 1947
Egg Tempera on Board, 20 × 16 in
Whitney Museum




Lilly and wine.

Tensely modern
Songs, carved out of
sun lite


And speckled lawns

Paul Gauguin
Two women (Flowered hair)
1902, Oil on Canvas
Private Collection

Hokasi cuts

So fine,

A warriors blade is line.

Katsushika Hokusai
Minamoto No Yorimasa Aiming an Arrow, 1847-9
Hanging Scroll, Ink and Color on Silk
Metropolitan Museum of Art

You can barely look at a Pikam Ryder Painting.

The glare beats you back

The cracks flood your heart. Its a darkness,

you have traveled somewhere you haven't intended,

beyond worry and through fear.

Albert Pinkam Ryder
The Race Track (Death on a Pale Horse), 1895
The Cleveland Museum of Art

colored time

Concupiscent moments of

things revealed and immortalized.

Paul Cézanne
A Card Player, 1892-96
Private Collection

Like graphology (the study of hand writing) the surface of Matthiasdottir’s paintings are engorged with meaning and revelation. Her surface and brush work are character and color combined, along with many other things of course.

Louisa Matthiasdottir
Girl with Sheep, 1982
Menconi+Schoelkopf Fine Art

Baltus the kite builder

Crafter of ratios.

Power to audacity

tense to supine

Awkward to graceful

heavy to glorious

They all fly

Card Game, 1948-50
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

Bob Thompson’s paintings shout


straight into drawing

love into color

Life into paintings.

Bob Thompson
The Judgement, 1963
Brooklyn Museum

City light, flotsam, Coney Island dance south street seaport romance.

A palette of things

Like big city dreams.

Of pale colored mornings...

And fresh starts and a few moments before dawn.

Robert De Niro Sr.
Artist at an Easel, 1965
DC Moore Gallery

The painting looks at you, Even the fruit looks At you,

and They sing-

RRRight thru you.....

love and sex howling into your

guts. Raw beauty exposed, there, here, everywhere !

Zero compromise — supernatural conviction of the simplest kind.

Frida Kahlo
Fulang-Chang and I, 1937

The awkwardness of bodies and Boney shapes

Spread out on a flattened canvas. Things are more abstract than things should be-It’s an honest mistake,

That You might make

Philip Pearlstein
Model With Speedboat and Kiddie Car Harness Racer, 2010
Oil on Canvas, 72 x 48 in
Betty Cuningham Gallery

What is painting from life?

Do we always paint from life

Is that a question or a statement...

I guess both.

Arshile Gorky
The Artist Mother, 1926 or 1936
The Art Institute of Chicago

Red blood man ;

smoke in hand ,

artist dream

of a poets land.

Philip Guston
Waking Up, 1975
David MacKee Gallery

Ellen’s paintings have a wildness that seems barely kept in check, at times she seems more like a lion tamer than a painter. Her hands force the sky to stay up in the air and her will keeps the water contained in the lake. In the end though she always seems to relinquish and realize the paintings will never be tamed.

Ellen Trumbo
Downs Lake, 2012
Oil on Canvas, 30 x 24 in
Private Collection

When you walk by a Max Beckmann painting you can almost hear the primal thump of the drums beating out the rhythm, the story unfolding in an accordion of colors; a symphony of drawing.

Max Beckmann
Triptych of the Temptation of St. Anthony, 1936-1937
Oil on Canvas, Triptych, Center Panel 78 ¾ X 67 in, Side Panels Each 85 X 39 3/8 in
Bayerische Staatsgemaldesammlungen

Stanly Lewis’s paintings hit you with air and earth, their rhythms are fluid and sing in chorus. Structure and light are equal in their bid for control. A struggle that keeps you breathing the air and interested in which will prevail.

Stanley Lewis
Montecastello di Vibio Parking Area, 2009
Lohin Geduld Gallery

Alex Katz brings you in

Lines you up

And then the conversation is short and sweet

the rest is for the painting.

Alex Katz
Ulla, 2009
Oil on Linen, 60 x 84 in
Timothy Taylor Gallery

Paul Resika’s figures have been forged in the furnace of 20th century painting, Embers still ablaze with clarity and life.

Paul Resika
Nude with Orange Cat, 2010-11
Oil on Canvas, 28 X 36 in
Lori Bookstein Fine Art Gallery